Building a DSP unit in my FT-817
My Yaesu non-ND FT-817 did not have a DSP built-in. Even though this rig is a great little performer, it could do with a little DSP to make reception just that bit more comfortable. I happened to stumble across BH-Instrumentation (UK) and noticed they had a DSP unit out small enough that it could be fitted into the FT-817.
The NEDSP1061 pcb module is a small versatile solution for adding noise cancellation into a wide variety of applications. Connections are on a 0.1 (2.54mm) pitch which allows the module to be easily integrated into almost any system. DSP operation can be preset or remotely controlled from the PCB connections. Small size 28mm x 36mm.

Features :
  • Fully adaptive noise cancelling
  • Minimum distortion to audio signal
  • Noise cancellation 9-35dB
  • Wide audio bandwidth for natural sound
  • Input and output sensitivity control
  • Preset or remotely set DSP level

The instructions that BHI provides proved sufficient to successfully build this little board in my FT-817. The picture below shows the end result. Note that I also have the optional CW filter installed which I bought at HRO during a trip to the US.

The DSP unit has a little sub-board with an LED and a little pushbutton. With this pushbutton you can switch the DSP off, or select DSP levels 1-4. The LED shows the DSP status. The only space left to to really mount this sub-board and have the pushbutton accessible from the outside, is the rig's top cover, just before the speaker. So out came the drill, drilled the 2 required holes, and used some hot-melt glue to keep the unit in place. The next picture shows the end result :

2006-2007 - PA3CNJ