0-20V/5A Adjustable power supply - Index

These documents describe building an adjustable power supply, capable of delivering 0-20V output at 5A.

Project Index

A little while ago, my neighbour dropped by and gave me something that looked like a power supply. He had been using it to charge a car battery, but then the thing stopped working and he put it up in the shed outside. While cleaning out, he came across the PSU again and brought it over. Initially, it looked in bad shape, but after a good clean, a nice looking little power supply appeared. Time to open it up to see what was wrong with it. It turned out the transformer secondary had gone open circuit. Looking at the rest of the electronics, I decided to get everything out and throw it away, but just keep the little cabinet with meters.
With most of the mechanics now ready to go, it was time for a new circuit to be built in. Given the space and the available components in the junk box, I set out for an adjustable PSU. The available transformer dictated it would be from 0-20V @5A.

Design considerations
  • Adjustable voltage and current
  • Capable of handling RF as it would be used for my Yeasu FT-817
  • Voltage adjustable starting at zero
  • Sense inputs to compensate for wiring
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2006-2007 - PA3CNJ